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Experian plc

Managing data securely and well is one of our key responsibilities. Over FY09 and FY10 we have established and developed our Global Security Office to ensure we maintain high standards on a worldwide basis. We have analysed risks, shared best practice, developed and delivered programmes to enhance the high standards we have been achieving regionally.

However many standards and processes we enhance, we are only as good as the people who implement them, so employee awareness and training have been a priority.

Over the year a whole range of activities have been implemented as part of a planned programme of awareness raising, including information security awareness weeks in all our major regions. These involved using posters, videos and desk guides with a touch of humour to engage people's attention while backing this up with a serious message around personal responsibility.

The image behind this text was used with the caption: "This is Brian. He looks trustworthy enough — but he's only the start of the journey. If the disc he has in that package is unencrypted, well, any number of people could end up with it. Nothing personal, Brian!"