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Experian plc

Our 'Inspire' leadership programme is based on the premise that leadership development is not so much about techniques and models; it's about inspiration of the individuals who lead and those in their teams. The programme has been designed around the unique challenges and environment in which we operate day to day. It's based on deepening self-awareness supported by intensive and challenging feedback, and working through activities that put individuals under pressure to draw out how they really behave, think and lead.

One element of the programme involves people in tackling a challenging community project to test their skills and ability to work both as a team member and a leader.

Initially launched in the UK, over the last fiscal year (FY10) over 200 of the leadership team in UK and Ireland have been 'Inspired' and the programme is now being delivered in North America with plans for further expansion in the coming year.

One major community project tackled as part of the programme involved business leaders working with a school in the St Ann's area of Nottingham. It's a particularly challenged area, and children had expressed a wish for their play areas around the school to be safer and more fun. They also wanted to have people from the community around them when they played there. The Experian team rose to the challenge over a period of time and the whole story unfolds in the video you can see here. Truly inspirational