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Experian plc

The Serasa Experian Financial Education Programme — Real Dreams (SonhosReais), is a good example of how we are focusing our efforts and funding on financial education and entrepreneurship. The programme also shows how engaging employees as volunteers can have a multiple benefits for all concerned.

The objectives of the project are to help people enjoy a healthy financial status, avoid indebtedness and stimulate interest in entrepreneurship, delivered through adult education sessions on financial literacy, run at schools and colleges in Sâo Paulo.

The courses, open to teachers, students and members of the wider community, are taught by volunteers from Serasa Experian. All these volunteers have been through a comprehensive training programme themselves and are supported with a full range of SonhosReais course material, all professionally branded in a common style.

Delegates on the courses are tested before and after each module, enabling the team to measure real improvements in their understanding of each topic and feedback has been extremely positive.

The volunteers also found the experience rewarding: "It is very gratifying the feedback we get from people who we worked with in the meetings. The feeling of joy and gratitude they transmit to us showing how much all we talked about could change their lives financially and even personally made us happy to be able to participate in a project like this" said Cláudio Eden Dardin, Operations Co-ordinator.

For the business, this volunteering activity fosters the concept of a 3D Leader, with an individual developing leadership across a balance of three dimensions: as manager, educator and transformer.