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Experian plc

Our approach to Corporate Responsibility:
an introduction from our CEO, Don Robert

At Experian we encourage a number of behaviours. One of these, 'Doing it Right', really sums up our approach to Corporate Responsibility. We don't see it as a bolt on process; it's simply part of how we try to get things right for everyone concerned, from clients to consumers, employees to shareholders and ultimately society as a whole.

Introduction from our CEO, Don Robert

And we expect to be held accountable. We've developed a CR strategy and we report our achievements against this, alongside our financial results, with strong links between the two.

The strategy involves us doing three main things: embedding, focusing and innovating. In other words:

  • embedding CR in everyday business,

  • focusing our community programme, and

  • innovating for social benefit.

As you'd expect, we have a lot of achievements to report, so let me introduce a few of them:

Embedding CR ensures we consider the needs of society in our everyday business decisions, including our environmental impact. We've made energy savings in our data centres, developed and published a new code of conduct and added CR questions to our risk processes. And we're improving communications, so that everyone understands what we mean by CR, and can take their own steps toward embedding it.

Focusing our community programme is a challenge. Our donations have increased this year, funding broad projects such as a school for slum children in Mumbai and in support of communities devastated by the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile.

But we've focused the majority of our community programme on financial education and entrepreneurship. We want to see people understand credit and the financially driven world we live in, and become the economically aware entrepreneurs of the future. More than 80% of our global community funds are now focused on achieving this aim, with all our regions taking part.

We have employees running financial education workshops for the people who support children in the disadvantaged areas of Sâo Paulo. In partnership with the Danish Tax office we're working with vulnerable young people at the point where they're leaving home and managing their own finances. We've made a big commitment with the National Bankers Association in the US, to deliver financial education in minority and underserved communities, and we're working on an equally large project in the UK with a debt prevention charity.

Innovating to solve social issues addresses the future. We believe that the most effective contribution we can make is to apply our own skills and services to address particular social problems. We've called this programme 'Big Ideas', and we focus on investing a small amount of seed money to encourage colleagues to think big, to think about how our own innovation can help create social solutions.

We did this with a microfinance project, originally investing in 2008. We want to make micro-lending more efficient and ultimately cheaper for microfinance institutions and the people taking the loans. We're now setting up a part of our business to adapt our products and services to work in this specific sector.

At Experian, we've become known for the insight we provide through our data and analytics. By taking a look at our wider responsibilities in society, we can bring these skills and experience to a much broader audience. And we make ourselves a more sustainable company as a result. This is what we mean by taking our corporate responsibilities seriously and 'doing it right'.

I hope you find this report a useful overview of Experian's achievements.

Don Robert
Chief Executive Officer