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Experian plc

Experian's vision is for its people, data and technology to become a necessary part of every major consumer economy in the world. The Group provides information, analytical tools and marketing services to organisations around the world. Clients use these services to manage risk, find and retain customers, and automate decision-making. Experian also helps consumers to manage their credit relationships and to minimise the risk of identity theft.

Business lines

Experian provides data, analytical tools and marketing services to organisations in North America, Latin America, UK and Ireland and EMEA/Asia Pacific.

The Group's financial performance is reported by geography. Activities in these regions are grouped into four principal activities.

Credit Services

Credit Services enables organisations to manage the risks associated with lending money. Experian helps clients to find new customers for credit, to predict and manage credit risk, and to reduce exposure to bad debt and fraud. It maintains very large, comprehensive databases that hold the credit application and repayment histories of millions of consumers and businesses. In total, Experian operates 16 consumer credit bureaux and 12 business credit bureaux around the world.

Decision Analytics

Decision Analytics helps organisations with large customer bases to manage and automate huge volumes of day-to-day decisions. Clients include international banks, utility companies and public service providers, who rely on Experian's predictive tools and sophisticated software to control decision-making at all points of contact with customers.


Marketing Services

Marketing Services helps organisations to target and engage customers effectively, improving returns on marketing investment. Experian maintains extensive geographic, demographic and lifestyle data on consumers and businesses. This information is used in conjunction with advanced analytical systems to enable clients to understand their customers and execute relevant communications across a variety of channels.


Interactive enables consumers to manage and protect their personal credit files, as well as to make more informed online purchasing decisions. Credit reports are provided directly to consumers, along with credit scores. Experian also provides online monitoring services that help consumers to protect themselves from identity theft. Its lead generation services help businesses to find new customers over the internet.

Market position

Experian is the global leader in its industry, with strong market positions. It is more than twice the size of its nearest peer and considerably broader in its capabilities and global reach. This diversity enables Experian to support clients across many countries, providing competitive advantage, and creates many opportunities for growth in growing economies.

There is no single competitor that operates across all four principal activities, although the Group does have a number of competitors within each.

Credit Services

Experian is the primary provider of consumer credit information to many financial institutions in the US; the other credit bureaux are Equifax and TransUnion. In the UK and Brazil, Experian is the clear market leader and it has leading positions in many other countries.

In business information, Experian is the leading provider in the UK and Brazil, and in a number of other markets. Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) is the only global competitor in this field.

Decision Analytics

Experian is the market leader in the provision of decision analytics in all geographies other than the US, where Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) is the market leader. There is also competition in individual markets from smaller, local suppliers.

Marketing Services

During the year, Experian expanded its global reach and now has a Marketing Services presence in major economies around the world, including the UK, US, Germany, France, China and Japan. This enables the Group to provide marketing solutions to global companies.

In the US, large marketing competitors for traditional direct marketing services include Acxiom and Harte-Hanks. Competition elsewhere tends to be fragmented and specialised.


Experian's direct-to-consumer, credit information business is the clear market leader in both the US and UK. In the US, competition is provided by Equifax, TransUnion, FICO and other smaller specialists, but Experian is more than twice the size of any of these competitors. In the UK, competition is provided by Equifax and smaller niche suppliers.

Key facts

  • Experian has over 100,000 clients across the world, with no single client accounting for more than 1% of global revenue. The top ten clients account for 11% and the top 50 for 24% of global revenue.

  • In the year ended 31 March 2010: 53% of revenue came from North America, 15% from Latin America, 20% from UK and Ireland and 12% from EMEA/Asia Pacific.

  • Experian's customer base is diverse, with 36% of revenue generated from financial services clients, 14% from direct-to-consumer, 14% from retail, 5% from public sector and education, 5% from telecommunications and utilities, 5% from automotive, and the balance from other.

  • Experian employs approximately 15,000 people and has offices in 40 countries.