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Experian plc

We have set objectives around each of our key responsibilities. The table below gives a brief overview of our achievements against each objective and the text that follows provides more insight to the parameters we measure and the progress we are making in each area. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) were retained as our independent assurance providers. Their assurance report, relating to this report (published 11 June 2010) can be found at the end of the report.

Key responsibility


Objectives FY 2010





Data Further increase awareness of our
global Information Security policies
and processes with our employees
and embed checking processes and
systems in alignment with information
security standard ISO27001.
Achieved Although employee awareness is ongoing we have made a significant impact this year and are developing a benchmark through a security survey. We have also reached the majority of our developers worldwide and taken them through a programme of certification.
Develop a benchmark to gauge satisfaction among consumers and better understand how we can meet their needs. Part achieved No one benchmark has been achieved. Initial research revealed we needed to focus our efforts on consumer education and resource has been focused on this. A Consumer Council has been established to initiate a dialogue with consumers, key consumer stakeholders and industry experts.
Consumers Formalise a global network of consumer representatives and work collaboratively to share best practice and create globally useful resources to address consumer education. Achieved A team with representatives from all Experian's regions now holds regular calls to share best practice and meetings have agendas, actions and minutes. Materials shared and to be published on the Experian plc website in FY11.
Employer Engage our people in active communications focused on our CR programme to enable them to understand its scope and impact, help them recognise how CR is embedded in the way we do business and what they can do to contribute and what channels to use. Achieved General programme of communication planned and delivered, CR representatives on communications forums, CR achievements included alongside financials in performance updates. CR included in employee annual report. Specific research programme delivered in UK with focus groups.
Environment To achieve a 5% reduction in utility
energy consumption (normalised per
$1,000 of sales) over the next three
years and ensure quarterly energy and
travel data is received from all regions.
Ongoing Energy and travel data is being received monthly from all regions and use of a new data management system will support local targeting. CO2 emissions related to buildings, (normalised per $1,000 of sales) have remained constant. Energy saving measures have been put in place in data centres and are beginning to take effect.
Community Define, agree and implement a global
policy and strategy on employee workplace volunteering, enabling Experian to define quantitative global targets for improving the proportion of employees involved by March 2010.
Volunteering is up as a result of additional hours especially in the UK and through capture of data from South Africa. However, it was not felt appropriate to implement a formal global policy in the current business climate.

Our reporting principles and methodologies can be downloaded here.